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Our Story

The Healing Power of Nature

Welcome to Clark Naturals, our quiet, relatively small place where you get 100% customer service and never leave without learning a little something along the way. We specialize in essential oils, blends and accessories as well as CBD oil and other CBD related products.  

Clark Naturals founder, Christy Clark, has always had big dreams. She had an increbily hard upbringing and made it her goal to break cycles and help others while doing it. Without any experience in business and only the knowledge of aromatherapy being her calling, she took a leap of faith- to put said knowledge into practice and create all natural products that can help people with a variety of ailments.

Using the highest quality ingredients and constantly researching within her field, Clark Naturals was launched and everything fell into place.

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Our Mission

The Healing Power of Nature

We've said it before and we'll say it again, our goal  is to inspire and empower people with an all-natural healthy alternative to synthetic chemicals and ultimately improve the quality of life all-naturally. In a world filled with many chemicals, we believe in using nature to our advantage whenever possible. For almost every man-made remedy, there is a natural one that's been used for far longer, and is better for you. Allergies, headaches, trouble sleeping, muscle pain, stress and more are all things that can be healed through natural plants and herbs. We take those plants and herbs and turn them into easily usable products like diffusable oils, gummies, inhalers etc. to help improve your quality of life.

Our Journey

Where We Started and How Far We've Come

In 2017, Clark Naturals founder, Christy Clark, opened a small space at Traders World, a famous weekend market located in Ohio. She began small selling a variety of oils and other products and quickly realized after much success that a larger, more permanent space was needed. In 2018, her dream came true and a permanent store location came to be- a space in Northern Kentucky.


After many renovations, the 1st location opened and it was uphill from there. Christy was sharing her passion and people noticed! So much so she began to expand her products to incorporate CBD oil and CBD products to further help those in need with natural remedies. Over the next few years, she used her creativity and knowledge to keep growing and educating those who stopped by and soon enough, she realized she needed an even bigger space!

In early 2022, on the other end of the shared building, a space twice the size opened up and she took the opportunity and ran with it. Clark Naturals is now doing what they do best at 8404 US Highway 42 and we hope to see you there!

What Clients Say

"LOVE their Pain Away CBD Rub. Very effective and smells fantastic! It's a little strong at first but the scent really grew on me and my Fiancé loves it too. Already went back for 2nds!"

Ryan Koehl

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